50 dating Aarhus

Later she got the offer and now works at a Danish company as a part-time market analyst. “You can feel a ‘professional chemistry’ when you discover you are with an applicant who excites your mind.” Christoffer Dalby Schou, a Test Manager at Danske Bank Group told Jutland Station on the Company DATING 2014.

Photo: Meng Wu As a part of the AU Career Festival, Company DATING is inspired by the “speed dating” concept.

2 minutes.” A few minutes is not enough time to know a person or a company fully.

But job seekers have enough seconds to make-or-break a first impression in such an occasion. As students, we don’t have to be shy.” When asked how to impress recruiters, Sherry spoke from her own experience, “If we took the initiative to say hi and talk to them, we already did more than those who chose to only pass by or too be afraid to talk.

50 dating Aarhus

Part of Little Rebellions Presented by Teater Fluks In theatre with a twist, Crisis Loves Company performs in a speakeasy in the basement of Café Englen, Aarhus.Finder I svampe, er der potentiale til en hyggelig aften med madlavning og svampesuppe foran pejsen derhjemme. Der findes restauranter, hvor I kan få flere flasker vin serveret på samme tid og kun betale for de glas, I drikker.Det er en klassiker, men den holder bare altid: En god film. Mød hinanden et par kilometer fra den restaurant, I skal spise på, og gå derhen sammen.The opening hours will be: 15-17.00 (16.30) 20-23.00 (22.30).Last round starts half an hour before closing time.

50 dating Aarhus

The event has connected students and companies in some way, but at the same time, disappointed some because of the structured interaction and the time limit.“I couldn’t get much information about actual opening position or even had chance to talk to someone that make decision on hiring process.” Sharon Hu Bach, an American girl who was graduated from University of California, Davis and now is studying at Business Academy Aarhus told Jutland Station when she was waiting in line for a talk with Arla, a global dairy company, “The average talk time with companies was max.“You can feel a ‘professional chemistry’ when you discover you are with an applicant who excites your mind.” Christoffer Dalby Schou, a Test Manager at Danske Bank Group told Jutland Station on the Company DATING 2014, “For instance, when I talk about a specific task, then the job seeker would make a response like ‘I know that. 50 dating Aarhus-3250 dating Aarhus-6350 dating Aarhus-78 That’s exactly what I am interested in.’” The purpose of Company DATING, on the one hand, is to give organizations a unique possibility to recruit competent and motivated students for possible full-time jobs, student positions, graduate programmers, internships or project cooperation.Den klassiske kop kaffe er en mulighed, men du husker stadig sidst, hvor dine øjne tørrede ud af intens øjenkontakt, og din fyldte blære medførte underlige trækninger i ansigtet efter syv kopper kaffe. Derfor får du her 21 kreative ideer til en anderledes første date, som foruden de obligatoriske sommerfugle i maven vil give jer en oplevelse, I vil huske.

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Se også: Netdating tips – Gode råd til dating-livet. Så er der potentielt en hel dag at bruge sammen, hvis kemien er god.

Prior to joining the Jutland Station, she was the Wall Street Journal Chinese version’s web editor in Beijing from 2010 to 2013.

All the following pictures are provided by the photographer John Jensen.

If we liked each other, we could move to the next step (just like dating a girl/guy).” “So far, we have not found a perfect date here.” In the middle of the event, a university programs specialist from a global leading technology company requesting anonymity said many students are just “passersby”.

As a recruiter, he emphasized that they prefer the applicants who did research the company before they go into a job interview.

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