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Some have accused the British Government of war crimes.

Others have drawn an emotionally charged parallel between the urban firestorms and the horrors of the Nazi gas chambers.

Far from being a refuge, the reservoir turned into a sweltering graveyard.Another 1941 Ministry report called for 'saturation by incendiaries' to break 'the morale of the population' and leave the German people 'conscious of constant physical danger'. dating akademiker Rebild At the same time, the RAF's chief Sir Charles Portal privately promised Winston Churchill that a significant expansion in the heavy bomber force would ultimately bring about 'the destruction of six million homes' and 'civilian casualties estimated at 900,000'.Warming to this theme, the Directorate found inspiration in the Luftwaffe's bombing of Coventry, 'one of the most successful raids carried out by the German Air Force on this country', with a ton of incendiaries for every 800 citizens.'If Bomber Command could carry out a raid on the Coventry scale every month, the result would be a complete state of panic in the industrialised west of Germany', and 'considerable loss of life'.

Beste casual dating seite Pforzheim

As the blaze intensified, huge crowds made for the city's reservoir and dived into the water.But the sheer numbers, combined with the roaring heat and the lack of oxygen, made the place unbearable.The merging of the fires sucked oxygen from the air and created a ferocious, howling tornado.Trees were pulled from their roots, buildings destroyed and people flung through the air like ragdolls.The raid on Dresden is one of the most notorious episodes of Britain's war effort, a symbol of the ruthlessness of the RAF's strategic bombing offensive.

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