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Interestingly, Heera Mandi also goes by the alternative name of Shahi Mohalla (or the Royal Neighbourhood).

Whether there was prostitution going on at that time, by these women, is debatable.A witness working in a nearby bank told he felt the building shake.“We left the building and saw that the motorbikes parked outside were on fire and all the windows in the surrounding buildings were shattered,” Mohammad Khurram said.People who performed as well as watched, did it mostly due to their sheer love for dance, music and poetry.Currently, many people recognise the word as a substitute for ‘prostitute’.

Dating videos in lahore

While the rest of the city has modernised over the decades, the walled city remains a historical relic of the past.History It was more of a family tradition for most, and performances were seen for genuine entertainment for the South Asian elite.Present Day It is ironic, however, that these women who once had such a dignified name, resorted to such actions and actually became prostitutes.There are roughly two types of women in Heera Mandi, those who chose the lifestyle because it has been passed down in their family for generations and those who chose it because they don’t have any other way of making money.Television footage showed smoke rising from part of a restaurant that was under construction in the Defense Housing Authority complex.

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