Dk dating Horsens

It is believed the name Horsens derives from the old Danish words hors (horse) and næs (naze, headland). The earliest traces of a city are remains of a pagan burial site and houses dating back to the 10th century.

In the 12th century, the kings Sweyn III and Valdemar I issued coins in the city.

Every year, many well-known crime writers visit Horsens.One of the largest cultural events in Denmark is the annual European Medieval Festival on the last Friday and Saturday in August.The town centre of Horsens is transformed into the largest medieval market town in Northern Europe with activities and entertainment for families and children of all ages. The Crime Festival - in Danish called Krimimessen - is an event for literary crime, mysteries and thrillers.In the 13th century the city got its own legal code.Excavations have shown that the city was expanded around 1300, with a moat going around the city and its harbour.

Dk dating Horsens

Industrialization started from the middle of the 19th century.The population rose dramatically when people from the countryside moved to the city to work in the factories.The first Danish iron foundry outside of Copenhagen was opened as well as tobacco and textile factories.The city is currently undergoing a positive development with new industry moving to Horsens, or expanding their activities already in Horsens.Several internationally known artists, such as Madonna, Iron Maiden, Joe Cocker, Elton John, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Tom Jones, Bryan Adams, David Bowie, José Carreras, Helmut Lotti, Westlife, R. M., Paul Mc Cartney, Robbie Williams, The Rolling Stones, Dolly Parton, AC/DC, U2 and Snow Patrol have performed, or have performances planned in Horsens.

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Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band Pretty Maids is from Horsens.I dag kan man gøre næsten alt gennem en app: bestille mad fra din favorit restaurant, arrangere at en limousine henter dig derhjemme eller streame din favorit serie på tabletten, imens du ligger komfortabelt i sengen.Apps kan endda hjælpe med noget så komplekst som kærlighed.De 10 første EUX-tømrere på Learnmark Horsens har til svendeprøven banket deres tømrerfaglighed i med syvtommersøm.Alle opnåede flotte resultater og fire af dem fik topkarakterer og dermed medaljer for stor teoretisk viden og særdeles godt håndværk.

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