En date dk Ærø

At Olde Mølle, at one of Ærø's highest points and near the centre of the island, the sculptor Erik Brandt has created a "peace bench", conceived with the intention of providing people with an opportunity to survey the island and its surrounding sea, whilst pondering on the theme of world peace.

This banner has provided the inspiration for the flag of Ærø which is seen today all over the island.Final Comment: This project illustrates how small scale businesses can use Axis 4 to adapt their offer to local resources. Exklusiver partnerkreis partnervermittlung frankfurt It is also an example of well targeted investment in the production process which, with relatively low financial support, can transform the image of a product to generate demand, achieving a rapid return on investment.Until 1864, Ærø was part of the Danish Duchy of Schleswig – the area of Schleswig/Southern Jutland is now divided between Denmark (Northern Schleswig) and Germany (Southern Schleswig).King Christian IV's cousin, also named Christian, was the Duke of Ærø from 1622 to 1633, and lived with his concubine Cathrine Griebels at Gråsten Manor House.

En date dk Ærø

As for the restaurant itself, it has been a strong success: its income doubled from the first business year to the second, followed by a 20% increase the following year; customers have reacted positively and many return several times each summer (the number of visitors to the restaurant has doubled since it opened in 2009); and, a comparative analysis of the dishes sold per day shows that weever fish, with 50 servings per day, is now amongst the restaurant´s most popular dishes (alongside its fish patties and ahead of Norwegian Lobster with approximately 30 servings per day).Transferability: This sort of project can be applied to other fisheries areas where certain species remain unknown to the public and yet have the potential to become commercially productive resources.The idea was to create a new form of preparation, promote it and provide the best conditions for customers to discover the product.Bent therefore thought of ways to condition the fish, fresh or smoked locally, and sell it in an attractive way.Before that date, there were two municipalities on the island: Ærøskøbing Kommune in the west and Marstal Kommune in the east.

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