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It is important that you keep yourself informed about the specific admission requirements to the study programme you are interested in in order to meet various deadlines and to ensure that you attach the necessary documentation for us to process your application.

You can find all messages sent to you regarding your application(s) under the tab ‘Messages’ in the application portal.Only your three most highly prioritised applications will be processed. You are required to pay an application fee of DKK 750 per applicant (app. kontaktanzeigen Mönchengladbach EUR 100 per applicant) to have your application(s) processed.Prepare your application by reading the documentation checklist below.You may apply for up to three Master's degree programmes at Aarhus University and prioritise your applications.

En date dk Roskilde

Please notice that the information you are requested to state and what documents you must attach may vary.This depends on what study programme you are applying for, your nationality and your qualifying educational background.The following documents must be submitted with the online application form: All applicants without a legal right of admission to Psychology must upload a filled out equivalence form, which is available on these pages Generally, assessment of your qualifications is based on formal education, and, thus, your submission of CV, documentation of work experience, motivational letter, recommendations, etc.is not required, unless otherwise stated in the specific "admission requirements" for the individual programmes.However, if you have not completed your qualifying education or English language test at the time of your application, it will be possible to have your application reopened at later date in order to attach further documentation.

Please find more information about documentation deadlines here.

As a rule, you should always upload the documents required in the online application form for the individual programmes.

It is a good idea to have electronic versions of all your documents ready when applying, so you can attach them to your application right away.

All applications for Master’s degree programmes at Aarhus University must be submitted online through the digital application portal.

The application deadline may differ depending on which programme you are applying for.

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