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The video was shot on Belle Isle to represent, visually, the discovery of this booming scene I’ve become a part of.“Detroit has shown me to be who I am 100% of the time and to never apologize for it – and is ultimately where I’m planning to get the first place of my own later this year.” Also coming soon, the video to “Floating Down the River.” Also coming later this year — “Cold Fame” — Jena’s long-awaited debut album.

People might think that I’ve changed, but I just wasn’t able to show all of myself on the TV screen.”Born in a Detroit suburb, Jena started playing the piano when she was nine years old and immediately began writing songs.The rest of the album takes listeners through Jena’s experiences and growth—from the opening mission statement “Song For Myself” through searching for clues to her identity through experimentation with marijuana and alcohol on “Floating Down the River.” She delves into romantic melodrama with “Wait” (“That’s about me stealing somebody else’s man,” she says with a laugh, adding “I was in the wrong, so I’m making fun of myself and the situation”) and into the pain of her parents’ divorce on “Help Me.”Having learned lessons and come into womanhood, Jena can finally let go on “White Girl Wasted,” the record’s raucous final track.“That was literally just sitting down and writing down phrases that I use in my daily life, and making a song out of them,” she says.Jena Irene Asciutto has a new single out, and it reflects a bit of change from the pop-rock featured on last year’s “Innocence” EP.The song is called “Floating Down the River” and premiered last week on Pop Dust.

Jena irene first single

It knocked the wind out her, and she has spent the last 18 months concentrating on songwriting.“American Idol” was a great experience, she said, “but didn’t really teach me a lot about artist development and songwriting.”She admitted to Oakland Press music critic Gary Graff that “I basically just lost myself.”“It took awhile for me to actually gain the confidence to walk into an office at a record label or anything like that because it’s super-intimidating after you’re just thrown into the fire of the music industry,” said Asciutto, who still lives in Farmington Hills. I had to be confident in myself.”Now Asciutto, who is recording under her surname after performing on “Idol” as Jena Irene, is back on track.“I mean, I was just on a singing show, and then I had … Besides her debut album, she has a 13-track album, “Cold Fame,” in the works, and is touring with her band. If the North Farmington High School graduate thought her “Idol” fame put her on the precipice of a recording career, she was wrong. Jena irene first single-39Jena irene first single-63 Asciutto, now 19, got a promised single, “We Are One,” from “Idol” partner 19 Recordings, but not a contract, she told The Oakland Press.“The underlying meaning of this song is the feeling of contentment and acceptance within myself and the direction I’ve decided to take my message as an artist,” she told the site.

“Its initial inspiration was feeling stuck living in a city I’ve outgrown.

The first time working with a director of my generation definitely brought a feeling of hunger for originality.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI — Singer/songwriter Jena Irene Asciutto, the Season 13 runner-up on “American Idol,” released her debut album, “Innocence,” on the Detroit-based Original 1265 Recordings label Friday.

“I loved Paramore, Green Day, Blink 182,” she says, “and then I found out about the greats, about Etta James and Amy Winehouse, and I thought maybe I could put the two together and make my own sound.”After she returned to Michigan, she digested all she had been through, went into isolation, and wrote most of the , but also with a relationship, or with coming home to Detroit.”One of the first songs Jena wrote was “Innocence,” about losing her virginity. “These songs are so personal and so direct, there’s really no other way to present them correctly,” she says.

Jena’s music was introduced in early 2016 with the release of her EP titled will be released June 2, 2017.

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