Jerry springer dating show

And after he told me that he worked in payroll, played soccer, and discussed his string of unsuccessful dating experiences, all I could do was feign interest by bobbing my head in agreement like my uncles do when they pretend to understand white waitress explaining menu options to them.

” we look for in a potential mate just didn’t present itself.

Jerry springer dating show

His tight t-shirt was meant to reinforce the fact that he worked out, and, of course, he discussed his work-out regimen with me, which left me with glazed eyes of boredom.At this point in the evening, I was approaching the tail-end of the circuit and was soon to be home-free.I wasn’t really interested in conversing with other guys after deciding that the east-end boy was the one, and I couldn’t have been more right as the next guy nearly lost his mind when he saw me clad in my red blouse, citing how red makes him go crazy with lust (he used those words by the way).(Just a side-note, anyone I told that I was attending a speed-dating event thought I was absolutely nuts.Let’s be honest though, it isn’t any different than online dating.

Jerry springer dating show

I mean, if I can imagine you and I in some video montage then you’re in buddy. Just an aside, 18 consecutive dates is a very exhausting experience that I did not anticipate.Therefore, I would recommend to anyone wishing to pursue such an enterprise to stay hydrated, stretch whenever possible, take deep breaths, and take advantage of the free appetizers during the break.Everyone’s pessimism and doubt would not deter me from this adventure! Jerry springer dating show-88Jerry springer dating show-44 ) My friends came up with quite fun and insightful ice-breakers ranging from, “what’s your favorite type of cheese?He answered disapprovingly with: So, after painfully sitting through dates with inconsiderate and judgmental guys, I finally found myself having the best banter with a sweet young man with a dorkier laugh than mine.

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