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“Jesus’ Joy is so immense when someone meditates on the , that He would like to see at least one copy of these meditations being used in every city and town.

Because then it would be as if Jesus were hearing His own Voice and His own Prayers which He raised to His Father during the twenty-four hours of His painful Passion.

Luisa was seventeen years old (she relates these facts in the first of thirty-six volumes which she wrote by order of holy obedience).

July 14, 1924 The fifith edition was published by Don Benedetto Calvi, Luisa’s confessor from 1924 until her death: Fifth edition: Nihil Obstat y Reimprimatur: Curia archiespicopale Taranto, August 8, 1934 Delegado dal arcivescovo, Giuseppe Blandamura In German: The two editions were translated and edited by Father Ludwig Beda, O. B.: First and second edition, (1936-1938) (55,000 copies) Nihil Obstat y Reimprimatur: Ratisbona, Ad num. This presentation was taken largely from the preface of the fourth edition, which Saint Annibale Maria di Francia had written for the original Italian.

Single bogen

I will give you the same Merits, as if I were in the act of suffering My Passion.Instead, its purpose is to make reparation: to unite ourselves to Jesus in each of the different moments of His Passion, and with His own Divine Will, make a worthy reparation for each of the various offenses He receives, and compensate Him for everything that all creatures owe Him.“From this there derive the different ways of making reparation in these . This book is a translation of the Italian book, , written by Luisa Piccarreta, “The Little Daughter of the Divine Will,” about the year 1914, in obedience to the ecclesiastical authority at that time, the now Saint Annibale Maria di Francia.“I believe that if whoever meditates on them is a sinner he will convert; if he is imperfect he will become perfect; if he is holy he will become holier; if he is tempted he will find victory; if suffering he will find strength, medicine and comfort in these ; if weak and poor he will find a spiritual food and a mirror in which to look at himself continually, and so become beautiful and similar to Jesus, our Model.

Single bogen

It happened that on one occasion, Saint Annibale di Francia went to Luisa’s house and recounted what had taken place on one of his visits with the Pope (being an intimate friend of Pope Saint Pius X, he was frequently received by him).While with him, he wanted to introduce him to the book, , which he had been spreading. Annibale read a few pages of it to the Pope, specifically, from the Hour of the Crucifixion.Did you perhaps forget how many times I united Myself with you to do them together, and I turned chastisements into Graces over the entire earth? Single bogen-60Single bogen-56 So, My Satisfaction is such that, instead of the indulgence, I give the soul a handful of Love, which contains Infinite Love of Incalculable Price.Like so many living clocks, let them faithfully mark the hours of each day, to keep Jesus company with our love, our reparation and our gratitude, for He is not loved as He deserves.

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Indeed, His own children offend Him and crucify Him again in their hearts, by closing the doors to Grace, to the Divine Will.” Volume 11 – September 6, 1913 I was thinking about the Hours of the Passion which have now been written, and how they are without any indulgence.So, those who do them do not gain anything, while there are many prayers enriched with many indulgences.In this way, I will let you obtain the same Effects, according to the dispositions of the souls.This, while on earth – and I could not give you a greater thing from My own.

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