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Schwarzenegger, while granting parole to far more murderers than his predecessor, former Gov.

Gray Davis, has also become increasingly reluctant to parole murderers in his second term.

The parole board's denials eventually prompted Dannenberg to challenge the issue all the way to the California Supreme Court, which in 2005 ruled against him and established key legal boundaries for when the parole system can deny parole to convicted murderers.

Schwarzenegger had reversed a 2005 state parole board finding that Dannenberg was suitable for parole, but the appeals court concluded the governor had no legal basis for his decision.And without knee-jerk reactions from the media to the idea of "former killers on the loose," perhaps the parole board could be allowed to do their work without undue interference from the governor, who is subject to lobbying forces purposefully shielded from the parole board.The no parole policy of our state is costing taxpayers far too much by keeping prisoners behind bars indefinitely, while schools continue to suffer.Yeah, he has been a good boy for 20 years in prison, so lets let him out and see if he "poses a current, unreasonable risk of danger to society if released." I mean, he only killed his wife, not that big of a deal right? The following Sacramento Bee article provides a thorough perspective on the case. The wife had a history of mental problems and provoked a response in self-defense resulting in an accidental death.I mean it is not as if he had pre-planned it and it was some random person in self defense. Why continue spending tax dollars incarcerating someone who can contribute to society?

Single dannenberg

The unanimous three-justice ruling ordered the parole board's decision reinstated, meaning Dannenberg can be paroled unless the state intervenes and appeals to the Supreme Court.The parole board has generally been stingy in granting parole to murderers.And to you, "Third Shift," if you know anything about how the parole board operates in this State, that's a standard response, even to those who have received therapy.He was convicted of second degree murder in a court of law, and he has served 22 years of a '15 to life' sentence, where he should be eligible for parole at year 16.A state appeals court has ordered the parole of a Los Altos Hills businessman who has been in prison two decades for the 1985 murder of his wife.

In a 20-page ruling issued Friday, the 6th District Court of Appeal in San Jose overturned Gov.This is a matter of public safety and he has defined himself by his actions and his actions alone as a killer.I don't care about your so called speculative issues.As a result, lawyers for convicted murderers have been appealing those decisions to the courts, and with some success.State appeals courts on numerous occasions in the past two years have overturned the governor and parole board and ordered either new hearings or outright parole.

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