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Instead, Brazilian Gilberto Macena from the Danish 2nd Division East team Holbæk B&I became the top scorer for AC Horsens, netting twelve times during the season. Vi håber at vi kan medvirke til at skabe forbindelser mellem mennesker, der søger kærlighed, nye venner, rejsekammerater, eller som bare vil i møde andre singler, der søger en kæreste.

The two new sites presented here, Søvind and Elhøj, are therefore very significant. 40-50 cm layer of sand, which became increasingly brownish-yellow and reddish-brown with depth (fig. The flint artefacts were found within this sand layer and in two pits (fig. There were no secondary glacial changes, for example solifluction etc., of the archaeological deposits. The find-bearing deposits were sieved through a fine sieve and delimited in all directions by find-free areas (fig. The flint was found in particular in two pits in the middle of the flint scatter (fig. The pits could either be the result of human activity or have a geological origin, for example as a consequence of windthrows. Three notched pieces and two denticulate pieces are also present (fig. Blades and flakes have a large, broad, thick percussion bulb and also frequently a hinge. The number of tools is small and these are dominated by burins and scrapers; angle burins are the most frequent but dihedral burins are also common.Reindeer hunters on the move Small Lateglacial sites in eastern Jutland The Søvind site is an example of a Late­glacial site discovered during the excavation of much later remains. At Søvind there are 95 blades (16.1% of the assemblage), of which 71 are (large) blades, 24 are micro-blades (or preparation flakes) (fig. Only five flakes are regular in form, while the remainder (66 examples) are very irregular with a fluid transition between the categories (fig. With regard to refitting, it has proved possible to match up two core flakes (fig. There are 18 burins, which thereby constitute the commonest tool type and display great variation in type. 13d) and there are two combinations of angle and dihedral burins (fig. Five angle burins are on a break, three are on concave truncation and one example has four corners (fig. This group includes the example shown in figure 14c, which could be refitted with the percussion-bulb end of the piece it was derived from, thereby giving a good impression of the manufacturing process. single partnerbörse Leipzig Given its limited size and depth beneath the soil surface, it is a type of locality that is unlikely ever to have been found by “usual” archaeological methods. 3), and all the indications suggested they were coeval. They have thick percussion bulbs with a cone, a clear point of percussion, large flat platform remnants and trimming dorsally at the proximal end (fig. The majority (16 examples) are made on very thick flakes. 15a-c), while dihedral burins are represented by five examples (fig. Two of the dihedral burins are on a concave truncation, and two are on a burin facet. 16d) with a curved back and straight truncation at the percussion-bulb end is a characteristic element of the assemblage.From Copenhagen there is a connection to Copenhagen Airport.AC Horsens is a professional Danish football team, playing in the Danish Superliga. The club was founded in 1994, as a superstructure on Horsens f S (founded 1915) and the merger of Dagnæs IF and B 1940; FC Horsens.

Single dating Horsens

No hearths were found, but a little fire-brittled flint shows that there had been fire at the site. The finds assemblage from the Søvind site is small and consists of c. One core can be refitted with three successive platform flakes, and a further core has been refitted with a “surplus” flake (figs. Furthermore, the Søvind assemblage is so small that it cannot be determined whether the absence of types etc. The blades show great variation with respect to both width and thickness (fig. Søvind was clearly a locality where production of blades/elongate flakes was important. The approach employed in working the two cores is also described (fig. The most important discovery is, however, that the pits are associated with the surrounding surface (fig. It has not proved possible to refit flint tools and debitage – perhaps because the tools were not made at Søvind but brought to the site from another locality? 11c, e), a feature that is not common in the Bromme culture but is frequently seen in assemblages from the Federmesser culture.The settlement activities comprised working of blades and flakes, butchering of prey, scraping of skins/hides, splitting antler and sawing through bone and antler. Hunting, on the other hand, did not play a prominent role. single dating Horsens-38 Perhaps the tools were brought to Søvind, where they were used and then discarded.The assemblage can therefore perhaps tentatively be perceived as a mixture of elements from these two cultures which, according to the most recent research, means a date of around 10,900 BC. The Søvind site demonstrates several new and important aspects of a Lateglacial site in Denmark.

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