Single helmet safety lock

Your PIN number is a 6-digit number that was emailed, or sent using a text, when you registered. If you use the bicycle keypad, you will use your PIN every time you rent a bike.

Visit our Winter Weather Advisory page for details. If weather conditions threaten the safety of our riders, we will temporarily suspend service for all customers.If you want to ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter, simply check your account settings by logging into your account via the app “nextbike” or NEVER ride against traffic For more information and an illustrated guide to riding in the city, please visit: To take a class to become a more confident rider, join one of Bike PGH's Confident City Cycling Classes and your Healthy Ride rental will be free!In Pennsylvania, bicycles are treated just as any other vehicle. If you are in an accident and someone is injured or there is any type of property damage to the bicycle or other vehicles, call the police.Once you have a police report, you will need the officer’s name, the names of all persons involved, and a copy of the report.Please call our office to follow up, (412) 621-0464. We strongly discourage riders from riding on the sidewalk, and in many cases it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk.

Single helmet safety lock

When you return to your bike, either enter your 6-digit pin on the bike keypad or enter the 4-digit unlock code located in the nextbike app or text message for your current rental. Note: Temporarily parking your bike will NOT stop the time on your rental.You will continue to accrue rental time whenever a bike is not parked at an official Healthy Ride station. Only rent bicycles when you are physically at the station.If all station docks are full, park your bike close to the station kiosk. Single helmet safety lock-74Single helmet safety lock-72Single helmet safety lock-39 Go to the back of the bike and hit OK on the bicycle keypad.If you have questions or issues with your return, please call Customer Service at 412-535-5189 to ensure your bicycle was returned correctly.

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