Single party saarland 2013

And there's also Gäste Haus Klaus Erfort in the capital of Saarbrücken, which specializes in French cuisine.

as a party of the information society; it is part of the international movement of pirate parties and a member of the Pirate Parties International.

It's home to two of Germany's absolute best restaurants Three-star chef Klaus Erfort. For such a small state, Saarland actually has more three-star Michelin restaurants than Berlin or Munich.

There's Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau in Perl, which is housed in an old castle and blends elements of both Eastern and Western cuisine.

Single party saarland 2013

In the last election in 2012, the SPD was close behind the CDU, winning 30.6 percent of the vote compared to the CDU’s 35.2 percent.The latest Bild poll with Insa research group on Wednesday shows the CDU ahead at 35 percent, but the SPD close behind at 33 percent. Their dialect often refers to women and girls as ‘it’ The Saarland state website is quick to point out that they don’t have just one single dialect.Instead, people speak either Rhine Franconian or Moselle Franconian.One theory behind this is that it comes from women’s names and references taking on the diminutive form.German has three genders - feminine, masculine, and neuter - and women are usually referred to in the feminine in Standard German.

Single party saarland 2013

Under German law, it is illegal to trade in Nazi paraphernalia.But prosecutors ultimately found that Rudolf had not done enough to be charged with a crime.Since 2011, the party has succeeded in attaining a high enough vote share to enter four state parliaments (Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein) the party sees itself as part of an international movement to shape with their term of "digital revolution" which is a circumscription for the transition into information society. Single party saarland 2013-49Single party saarland 2013-52 With their focus on freedom in the net and their fight against government regulations of this sphere, they caught the attention especially of the younger generation.But some researchers have said this explanation is too simple, suggesting instead that the neutral form is a way to show more familiarity or proximity to the person you’re speaking with.

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Linguist Damaris Nübling observed last year that women who were unfamiliar to the speaker were still referred to in the feminine form, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.With a population of just over one million, and its capital of Saarbrücken attracting less international acclaim than other more robust German cities, Saarland may have never been on your radar before.But its state election this Sunday is viewed by some as being the first test of Chancellor Angela Merkel's strength ahead of the national election in September.But when nouns are in the diminutive - like Mädchen for girl or calling a woman Anne “Annchen" they become neuter.And this is apparently the reason behind Saarlanders calling all women and girls “it”.

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