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Formulations Database The formulations database, based on data provided by the pharmacy of the university hospital of Regensburg, is a steadily growing encyclopedia covering formulations for pharmacists and doctors. 400 formulations relevant for clinical and ambulant pharmacy.

The database lists them according to various search categories.

The 45-year-old pilot and the 65-year-old teacher luckily suffered only minor injuries.The pilot has his life-raft close to hand and his survival suit was on when the helicopter hit the water.He was rescued by a coast guard vessel, surviving approximately 32 hours on the ice floe.--- Schweizer 269C was damaged beyond repair at Ebern/Sendelbach Airfield, Lkr.Haßberge, N Bavaria, Germany, whilst on a training flight.

Singleportal Regensburg

The investigating AIBN is of the opinion that the observed loss of engine power most probably was caused by carburetor icing.--- At local time an Eurocopter EC135T2 "Pirol" of the German Federal Police crashed on a field close to highway A7 near Bimöhlen, 4kms E of Bad Bramstedt, Kreis Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein, N Germany, and was completely destroyed by the impact.Apart from up-to-date prescriptions, the database also contains and evaluates older, sometimes obsolete data, so that formulations which are dispersed in various regions of the net can be collected within a single portal. singleportal Regensburg-73 Partners who cooperate in maintaining and updating the database are recruited from the ranks of the AMINO Project.(crashed into a wooded area close to Kreisstrasse 5933 near Neuhausen ob Eck, Baden-Württemberg, SW Germany, whilst on a flight from Donaueschingen Airfield.

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According to radar images the helicopter suddenly went into a steep decent until disappearing from the radar.All four rotorblades including the rotorhead had to be changed, causing a total damage of 600.000 €. (s-dmg)--- According to a news report on "BILD" an Eurocopter EC135 operated as "Christoph 10" by ADAC Luftrettung Gmb H hit a powerline whilst enroute near Karden, W Germany.The helicopter landed safely after the incident--- Bell 212 crashed in the middle of the Gabonese rainforest at Echira near Ibega, about 2 flying hours from Port Gentil, Gabon, when the water-bucket external load in long line operation collided in flight with high standing tree tops.--- MBB BO105 of Heli Service Int'l Gmb H was badly damaged in a forced landing due to low visibility in bad weather about 4NM from Neumayer III Station, Antartica, causing structural damage to the cell.--- A109 Power of HTM - Helicopter Travel Munich was badly damaged shortly after landing at Oberschleißheim Airfield, Bavaria, S Germany, after completing a flight from nearby Ottobrunn Heliport when suddenly vibrations occured due to ground resonance causing the helicopter to turn on its of five helicopters were used for a vacation in Sweden and Norway.

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